In-House Testing

An innovative platform that brings Pilat testing into the organization, in full compliance with specific organizational needs.

Can organizations recruit top-level employees while simultaneously reducing expenditure?

How can organizations involve numerous stakeholders in the recruitment process, without creating bottlenecks and overload?

When it comes to candidate assessment and testing, PilaTest offers organizations maximum flexibility. PilaTest provides:

  • Diverse mental skill, personality and employment tendency and integrity tests, based on specific position descriptions
  • High prediction testing, based on Pilat’s accumulated knowledge and experience in the field
  • Immediate results that facilitate real-time decisions
  • Multi-language testing
  • Tests and tools tailored to unique organization needs
  • Maximum flexibility and user-friendliness, with no need for installation

By using PilaTest, you will benefit from valid and reputable in-house testing. PilaTest allows you to invest in candidates that you believe may be a perfect fit for your organization, at a location and time that best suit your needs.

In addition, a psychologist specializing in employment will be available for constant guidance and testing adaptability.

The tests are divided into mental skill tests (logic, math, technical capabilities), performance tests (various tasks requiring quickness, precision and attention to detail), and personality tests.

PilaTest is an extremely robust system. Relying on vast knowledge accumulated over decades of working with Israel’s defense organizations, the system includes over 30 test types, with varying degrees of difficulty, and a multitude of languages. Pilat tests are powered by peerless statistics, and their validity is affirmed time and time again.

A Wide Range of Modules and Features

PilaTest is an innovative technological platform that brings Pilat testing into the organization. The system allows organizations to perform testing with a maximum degree of flexibility. With PilaTest, you can:

  • Test several candidates simultaneously
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the recruitment process via precise candidate screening

During phase 1, the organization prepares the role requirements that serve as a basis for the testing. At the end of the testing process, a report is produced. The report includes rich assessment data regarding the parameters that were defined as critical to succeeding in the aforementioned role. A Pilat psychologist provides guidance throughout all testing stages, from role definition and test selection to result analysis.

It is! We offer a simple and effective method for candidate assessment and placement, which has been successfully implemented by hundreds of organizations. We stand by our clients, and help them with whatever they need throughout the recruitment process.

“At EXPERIS, we make sure to hire the best recruitment counselors, who have high learning abilities and can delve into complex content in order to provide our clients with the most suitable tech professionals. I use Pilat’s Pilatest system to assess my candidates’ learning capabilities and their ability to handle complex material. From my experience, Pilatest can predict success and is therefore a valuable decision-making tool.

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