HR Technologies

Pilat Group is at the forefront of Israel’s HR world.

As HR leaders, we felt the need to establish a subsidiary that provides technological solutions, which embody the vast knowledge accumulated throughout years of HR expertise. These solutions provide true added value for organizations from all market sectors.

Talent Systems and Digital Solutions

Pilat's HR Experts

Advanced Research-Based Methodologies


Employment Management

An advanced system that helps manage organizational employment solutions facilitating employee workforce integration.


An innovative platform that brings Pilat testing into the organization, in full compliance with specific organizational needs.

Organizational Recruitment System

A system for effective recruitment process management, from CV analysis to employee absorption.

Recruitment System for Employment Agencies

An employee recruitment system specifically tailored to the needs of employment agencies.

Organizational Career Portal

An advanced portal that enables candidates to examine job listings and post their CV’s.


Open Source Code

High Interface Abilities

Tailored to Unique Requirements

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