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Psychology. Technology. Curiosity. 

The Best Ingredients for Innovation.

The employment world is constantly changing. New professions are replacing old ones. Organizational perceptions are challenged and reshaped. Management styles are turned inside out. Everyone relies on organized, readily-available data. The future is here, and access to innovative tools creates a significant advantage. This is where we come in.

Pilat is at the forefront of innovation. We play an active role in Israel’s vibrant technology ecosystem and are constantly inspired by the cutting-edge high-tech culture that characterizes our country.

At Pilat, we are committed to leading individuals and organizations

through the changes felt throughout today’s turbulent employment environments.

Our innovation approach is based on three central pillars:



Technology offers great opportunities for data collection and compartmentalization, process time reduction and user experience enhancement. Our solutions are based on data mining, big data, face recognition, neurofeedback, machine learning and more. In addition, we implement HR Tech systems for leading clients, in order to enhance their recruiting, talent testing and HR management efforts.



As evaluators, Pilat's psychologists rely on innovative models to predict behavior and match employees with future professions. Our psychologists help promote human excellence in today's dynamic employment world, ensuring long and satisfying employment lifecycles.



We are curious to see what the future holds in store for us. That's why we never stop researching, asking questions and trying to guess what the next change in the employment world will look like. We collaborate with acclaimed futurist Prof. Dan Passig and the Israel Institute for Future Profession Research, in order to provide our clients with valuable knowledge.

Pilat’s Innovative Products

Integrated Personality Model for Consumer Behavior Prediction

Integrated Personality Model for Consumer Behavior Prediction

A model that offers a groundbreaking alternative to consumer research result improvement, via a personality-based approach (rather than an opinion-based approach).



A computerized assessment tool that allows organizations to map future employment positions and employee capabilities, and make the necessary adjustments.

My Net

My Net

A computerized tool used in interviews, which analyzes candidates' networks to map their significant surroundings.

Lady D

Lady D

A big data and machine learning-based process that generates meaningful insights, which improve organizations' ability to identify, evaluate and recruit the right candidates.

Pilat. Innovation for dynamic employment.

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