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How Does the PILATEST System Work?

The PILATEST testing system combines Pilat’s vast employment knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technology. PILATEST’s web-based system allows organizations to conduct independent testing, from candidate registration to individual result reports.

Our Customers

Our Tests

  • A wide range of tests tailored to specific position requirements.
  • A report that lists candidate testing achievements.
  • You provide the position description, we’ll adapt the testing.
  • Big5, Pilat’s personality test, was developed by experienced psychologists.
  • The test is based on the Big Five personality traits theory
  • The test allows candidates to answer question regarding general and personal content.
  • A test that matches between personal traits and employment areas of interest.
  • The test can be used for employment consultation or as a complementary tool for personality analysis.
  • A test that analyzes candidates’ overall credibility.
  • A very effective tool for predicting behavior norms and values.
  • The test examines behaviors such as bribery, theft, tardiness, reporting credibility, organizational involvement and more.
  • A wide range of tests that examine required professional knowledge, in accordance with specific client needs.
  • The tests are a collaboration between Pilat and ESKILLE.
  • Tests can be tailored to examine a majority of market professions – especially tech-oriented professions.
  • Allows organizations to complete the evaluation process by examining Microsoft Office skills.
  • The test results mirror candidates’ Microsoft Office proficiency levels.

Our Experts Speak Up About PILATEST

"Pilat's tests help us gain insight in areas that may be hard to reach during job interviews, such as cognitive skills, performance and credibility. This allows us to make better and smarter decisions."
Racheli Bavel, Employment Psychologist

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