Employment Management

An advanced system that helps manage organizational employment solutions concerning employee workforce integration.

Can organizations recruit top-level employees while simultaneously reducing expenditure?

How can organizations involve numerous stakeholders in the recruitment process, without creating bottlenecks and overload?

The Sourcing Placement and Occupation Tracking (SPOT) system is designed for business and non-profit organizations who wish to locate employment positions for diverse populations, and whose core processes enable them to track their participants’ ongoing employment progress – from intake, interviews and courses to guidance, quality placement and employment endurance. The system uses high-level reporting to provide organizations with precise segmentation, data comparisons, progress efficiency monitoring over time, and statistical research.

PilatSPOT is a modular system that can be tailored to every organizations’ unique needs. PilatSPOT can effectively connect and converse with existing organizational systems, and serves as the primary IT function for dozens of non-profits dealing with employment issues throughout Israel.

PilatSPOT is the only system in Israel that provides a comprehensive solution for employment-focused program implementation. The system was developed by Talent Systems, a subsidiary of Pilat and High Capital Group, in collaboration with JDC Israel’s Tevet Program and the Israeli government. PilatSPOT was selected by JDC Israel to manage the recruitment and training processes used by JDC’s various non-profits, which help employment candidates integrate into Israel’s workforce.

Talent Systems is the sole company to develop and maintain PilatSPOT. Today, PilatSPOT relies on ongoing user feedback for continuous development and enhancement.

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Organizational Recruitment System

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Recruitment System for Employment Agencies

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In-House Testing

An advanced portal that enables candidates to examine job listings and post their CV’s.

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