Organizational Recruitment System

A system for effective recruitment process management, from CV analysis to employee absorption.

Can organizations recruit top-level employees while simultaneously reducing expenditure?

How can organizations involve numerous stakeholders in the recruitment process, without creating bottlenecks and overload?

The STR system is an innovative and effective web-based solution for recruitment and placement management. STR allows decision-makers to effectively manage HR processes, from candidate matching and follow-up to client communications. STR excels in smart candidate targeting and placement, and its statistical reporting tools support long-term expenditure reduction, operational flexibility and real-time decision-making.

A Wide Range of Modules and Features

STR relies on and AI-powered tracking, filing and placement, which are based on multi-language semantic methodologies. STR examines candidates to see if they have been previously introduced into the system, while providing users with high-resolution, typing-free tracking.

Automatic candidate-position matching and candidate/position tracking, including rankings based on specific parameters and key-words. 

STR’s workflow is based on the organization’s unique needs, allowing maximum real-time flexibility and decision-maker involvement. This process facilitates manager empowerment, process enhancement, and time & resource efficiency.

STR has been operational for the past 15 years, enhancing the leading organizations in the Israeli market. Over the years, STL has been constantly updated with the latest cutting-edge technologies, in accordance with users’ genuine work requirements.

STR can be operated via a Hebrew or English user interface, and can interpret CV’s written in Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic. In the past few years, Pilat has integrated STL within global companies operating a multitude of branches.

STR comes with a smart alert-based module that allows users (candidates, recruitment managers, recruitment coordinators and employment agencies) to receive relevant messages directly to their email inbox. Users can choose to receive automatic or pre-selected messages regarding positive matching, negative replies and more. STR also allows users to document the entire recruitment process.

The system’s code allows for constant updates and modifications, without the need for new version development. Clients can pre-order specific modifications at a low cost, and benefit from everything STR has to offer.

STR provides a wide range of reports, including robust statistics, which allow organizations to measure the effectiveness of their recruitment sources, the quality of their candidates and their recruitment times. STR also allows users to save lists and parameters.

STR’s API interacts with a wide range of systems (websites, portals, BI systems, finance & accounting systems, testing systems), and can create an interface that makes office work much more effective. In addition, STR interfaces with Pilat’s computerized testing system.

By using self-management tables, STR can be managed with practically no external support. System managers can define and edit key-words, organizational structures, company position lists, recruitment sources, user authorizations and more.

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